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Ready For Traveling Within Indonesia

ASITA Jakarta Travel Mart or AJTM is a value-packed Business to Business (B2B) Travel Mart for the Domestic; Inbound and Outbound Market held in Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia, authorized by the Jakarta Provincial Government of Tourism & Creative Economy.

After it was successfully held for the first time in 2016 to the fourth time in 2019, but due to the pandemic outbreak, the one in 2020 was cancelled. This year after more than one year tourism business is sleeping, now it is about the time to make a move and again we organize and arrange make the ASITA Jakarta Travel Mart 2021, and this time will be in virtual activity.
Through AJTM, Buyers and Sellers are not only can get acquainted with each other, but also will be able to directly do business contract. For this year's virtual event, we strongly emphasize the strength point of AJTM in Tabletop business dealing, we will transform onsite to online business deal. The target for businesses deal will be at least 30 slots of 9 minutes each travex (travel-exchange) for this one-day event. 
AJTM is strategically perfect for promoting end of pandemic outbreak holiday trips to favorite destinations for Indonesian Tourists as well as foreign tourists. Whilst waiting for the rebound of foreign tourist coming to Indonesia, we do understand and belief that the eagerness of domestic local tourist for travelling within the country will be are incredibly significant. The growing number of middles to upper-class tourists in Jakarta as well as other provinces with strong buying power ensures that holiday interest throughout Indonesia becomes stronger, and making this virtual AJTM event become a significant activity that should not be missed.

This AJTM's objective is to bring buyers and sellers within the tourism industry, to create trade relationships, with technology driving the business. Whether it is websites, integrations, real-time access and bookings, or virtual activities, this event will enable tourism operators to enhance their business and work with their suppliers/customers from the industry and a wealth of networking opportunities through the use of the latest technology

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