About Buyers

The Buyers are owners or executives of Tour Operators (BPW) and Travel Agencies (APW) members of ASITA Jakarta.

  • For this AJTM’s event held on June 17th, we allocate and host 60 (sixty) highly qualified Buyers of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies who are members of ASITA Jakarta,

  • In the next coming AJTM 2021 (planning in September, fix date will be advised) we are welcoming and will allocate non-ASITA Jakarta member and International Tour Operators & Travel Agents, who are still actively run the tourism business to become the buyers.


Buyers' Participation, Facilities and Obligations

Out of a number of ASITA Jakarta members, we will only accept 60 of them FREE of CHARGE (the policy of first come – first served are applied).

  • Each Buyer entitle to participate on travex held on June 17, 2021 through ZOOM virtual activity. Once registered, Buyers will get ZOOM ID and the Passcode.

  • Each Buyer’s company name will be listed on A JTM’s Buyers List that published on the WEB directory along with hyperlink to the company’s website soon after the event finishes.

  • Each Buyer should be committed to join a minimum of 30 slots on travex

  • Each Buyer should have a capability of Stable Internet for zoom at least 10 Mbps.

  • Each Buyer should avoid any noise disturbance in the breakout-room during the ZOOM activities.