About Sellers

The Sellers are tourism professionals from the entire provinces in Indonesia, such as Tour Operators, Tourism Destinations, Government Tourism Offices, as well as other tourism supporting industries and tourism related services such as Banks, Travel Insurance Companies, Transportation Companies, Tourism Schools or Academies, IT Companies, Restaurants, Souvenir Shops, including Tourism Objects and Tourist Attraction in Indonesia.


Sellers Allocation

For this AJTM’s event held on June 17th, we allocate and host maximum of 50 (fifty) highly qualified professional Sellers that consist of: 

  • 50% - Indonesian Tour Operators

  • 25% - Hoteliers

  • 25% - Indonesian tourism supporting industries, including government tourism agencies, Overseas Tour Operators, Tourism Board, and Overseas National Tourism Offices, Airline Companies

Sellers Participation, Facilitites, and Obligation

With the maximum quota of 50 slots, the policy of first come - first served is applied. More information related to the Sellers AJTM 2021 registration packages, are listed down below.

  • This AJTM’s will have a quota and allocate of maximum 50 (fifty) SELLERS, registration acceptance will be based on the policy of first come – first served.

  • Participation enrolment is IDR 1,000,000.- per 1 Seller.

  • Participation enrolment for as International Sellers is IDR 1,500,000.- per 1 Seller.

  • International Sellers are limited only up to 5 seats.

  • Sellers entitle to attend Round Robin Tabletop virtually and will get a ZOOM ID and the Passcode

  • Each Seller’s company name will be listed on A JTM’s Seller List that published on the WEB directory along with hyperlink to the company’s website soon after the event finishes.

Sellers Obligation

  • In the breakout room, for the Seller’s convenience, each Seller will have a 9 (nine) minutes slot to do business deal with the Buyers. However, we encourage each Seller to be able to provide at least 3-4 minutes running slides / video presentation to ease your dealing process.

  • Each Seller should be committed to join the whole travex slots provided. 

  • Each Seller should have a capability of Stable Internet for zoom at least 10 Mbps.

Advertisement Supplement

IDR 1,000,000.-

Seller may purchase an advertisement supplement at only IDR 1,000,000.00 and gain 2 slots of video show @ 30 seconds per purchase. It will be presented during the break when moving from one appointment slot to the other appointment slot